Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Three is a Magic Number

Happy 3rd birthday, Phineas! Phin turned three on Tuesday the 14th, and we had a jam-packed day. It started with Phin waking up to a bunch of presents from his aunt, uncle, and cousins in Florida.

Here he is at breakfast showing off his work on his new travel coloring tray. A perfect gift for our budding artist.

After breakfast, we headed to Target to get him a "squishy hammerhead shark" he'd been craving, and then on to Ikea where he got to play in the ball pit for the first time (this was his choice of what to do on his birthday). You have to be potty trained (no pull-ups) to go in this play area with ball pit at Ikea-- this was a perfect motivator for Phin to potty train. Yeah, Phin!

"What shape is this?"

After naps, we had Phin's favorite for dinner-- what else-- WAFFLES. I made french toast waffles (easy and amazing) with chocolate chips. So this was basically like dessert for dinner.

Later, we topped it off with singing "Happy Birthday" and cupcakes decorated with sharks by Caleb. Phin wanted the whale shark one-- can you tell which one that is?

Phin actually blew out the candles without spitting. Yeah! Hopefully he can pull that off at his birthday party.


  1. Wow, Aunt Lori is way more on top of things than Aunt Katie. I think maybe I can get away with it this year - Phin will probably start judging if I do that again next year.

  2. Phin has been secretly judging you since he was 2, so I guess it's too late! (haha, just kidding). We were just happy for him to have something to open on his actual birthday, since we didn't get him an official present either. We buy him enough stuff as it is. We missed you and Sam and can't wait to see you this summer!