Monday, June 27, 2011

Kansas, Part 2: Gardner & Kansas City

For the second half of our Kansas trip, we packed up and headed to Kate and Joel's in Gardner, just outside of Kansas City. Besides just having a great time hanging out, we headed to Deana Rose petting zoo, saw dragon boat races at the plaza, and played in the fountains at Crowne Center!

Deana Rose petting zoo:

Chillin' in the pool:

General hanging out and mayhem:

The Plaza: dragon boat races--

then a pit stop at Starbucks with Molly.

And on to Crowne Plaza for fountain play...

... and lunch with Abby and her boyfriend.

LEGOS!!!! Uncle Joel got out his huge bin of legos... Phin was in heaven.

Nature walk right outside their back door.

More legos: there could not have been a happier boy! :)

Then home again, home again.

Kansas, Part 1: Newton

In June, we headed out to Kansas to visit Caleb's sister and brother and their families. We had a wonderful time, and it was so cool to see all the cousins hanging out together. Almost made me want to move to Kansas... almost.

On the road.

The first half of the trip we spent in Newton where Caleb's sister and her family live. We did lots of relaxing and playing in their big backyard...

arts and crafts

taking a bike ride/ nature walk

This photo was taken on our way to the waterpark, which we have no pictures of 'cause we didn't take the camera in. But trust me, it was a BLAST!

All our little superheroes. Caleb and the kids
made masks!

watching Maddox play baseball