Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our "little" Silas

Can't believe our baby will soon be 2 years old. He decided last week to be a "terrible 2," but I guess the bad come with the good, right? He loves buttons, electronics, and gadgets, and loves to get into all kinds of trouble because of it. Wonder where he got that from?


These are a few random photos from the last few months that I took with my phone.

Fun with dear friends
on the carousel at Schenley Plaza

Phineas at the Pittsburgh Zoo.
(This was the photo op spot of choice when I was a child--
ant hill or dung heap-- you decide.)

Silas noshing on some watermelon.

At "our" park with more dear friends.

Science Center
Phin with C3PO (or 3PPO, as he calls him).

Phin at swim lessons.

Beach Day at Preschool

These pictures are actually from May 27th, but I'm just now getting them downloaded from my phone. On Beach Day, the kids got to wear their bathing suits, sunglasses, etc and play in the hose and eat popsicles. We just happened to be early for pick-up that day and saw them playing in the yard-- so I got pictures and Silas got a popsicle!