Tuesday, July 13, 2010


These are a few random photos from the last few months that I took with my phone.

Fun with dear friends
on the carousel at Schenley Plaza

Phineas at the Pittsburgh Zoo.
(This was the photo op spot of choice when I was a child--
ant hill or dung heap-- you decide.)

Silas noshing on some watermelon.

At "our" park with more dear friends.

Science Center
Phin with C3PO (or 3PPO, as he calls him).

Phin at swim lessons.


  1. Emily, I believe it is a termite mound. And are you saying you don't think this is a good place for a photo?! But you can climb on it!!!

  2. Hehe... Caleb insists it is a dung heap! It is a perfectly good photo op spot... only seems like we are the only ones who pay any attention to it anymore! I feel like we used to have to wait to get on it when we were little, but maybe my memory is skewed! :)