Thursday, April 16, 2009

Picnic in the Park

This afternoon, we met our great friends, the Koerber's, at the park for play and picnic. Chrissie and I got to have a special time having coffee just the two of us, while the dads watched the kids and grilled the dinner-- Go, Dads! We had a wonderful time. What a way to make the most of a beautiful spring day.

"Just share, guys!"
Says the almost 5 year old to the 3 year olds. Ahhh, the wisdom that comes with age.

1 comment:

  1. They look like fantastic friends :) I hope thye aren't the ones that give you guys such STRANGE diseases!

    I can't believe it took me to long to get on here... I look forward to adding you to my blog-perusal-time-waster.

    I love you dearly & so much appreciate your friendship in my life.