Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rise of the Fifth

We celebrated Phin's 5th birthday with a Star Wars party. Phin has been planning this party since last year when Mommy didn't anticipate his Star Wars infatuation and planned a shark party instead. Oops! Caleb asked Phin what kind of cake he wanted, and, of course, he asked for the most complicated character-- General Grievous. As usual, Caleb rose to the challenge and created an amazing cake!

The big birthday boy with the favors and
the lightsabers for "pin the lightsaber on the Jedi."

"Ok, Dad, just take the picture already."

Opening presents

Can you tell how excited Phin is about
his new bike?

Playing "pin the lightsaber on the Jedi" with
Mei, Annabelle, and Silas.

Blowing out candles with an assist from Silas.

Reading with Grandma Vivian and Annabelle.

Silas taking a go at the new bike.

Building legos with Grandma Vivian.

We had a great time with family and friends! Can't believe Phin is five already and headed to kindergarten in the fall!

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