Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Egg-stravaganza

We have been doing our Heasley family Easter dinner and festivities on the day before Easter for the last few years. (Easter Sunday gets pretty long, what with sunrise service and breakfast and then normal worship). So, on Saturday, we headed over to Great Grandma Jane's for Easter dinner and an Easter egg hunt! The weather cooperated just when we needed it to!

Silas's new rain boots.

The "peanut gallery." :)

Mirror image.

"Silas, you're not looking. Look UP."

"Yep, see, it has 'S' on it."

This is the 'butt' picture. How many can you count?

Daddy and Silas snuggle.

Grandpa Rick's birthday also happened to fall on Easter this year, so we celebrated that, too!
Here are the boys helping blow out the candles on the peanut butter- caramel filled brownies with ice cream sundaes on top!

Mommy and Phin snuggles.


  1. love that last photo of you two; precious!

  2. yes, Silas matches his cousin Kade. wrong feet and all! Love it. looks like they had fun. Wish their cousins could have joined them. They did look a bit lonely! soon enough.