Friday, December 25, 2009

"Let's put that on my Christmas list."

We spent Christmas this year in Pittsburgh. We were lucky enough to have Katie and Sam, and Todd and Brenna with us. My dad was not around sadly, as he had to have emergency surgery because of an infection in his knee. So he was in the hospital for Christmas, and that was a bummer. But fun was had by all anyway. Phin's mantra was, anytime he saw anything cool, 'Let's put that on my Christmas list." And of course he expected to get everything that was on his list.

Cookie day at Bovard's (Dec. 23rd)

Our biggest news this Christmas, is that, 2 days before Christmas, we finally got to move into our third floor bedrooms! Woo-hoo! Our lives have changed. Here's a smattering of pictures, but it doesn't do it justice, so you'll have to come see for yourselves!

The secret passage in the wall in Phin's bedroom.

Christmas Eve at Grandma Wolfe's

I'm embarrassed to say that we got NO good pictures on Christmas this year. So this is it.

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