Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmastime is Here!

We went looking for our Christmas tree last Saturday morning IN THE SNOW (first snow we'd experienced in Pittsburgh this year- we were in WV when it snowed for the first time in PGH). It was cold, but it was fun!

"This one's ours!"


Hot cocoa and popcorn
Caleb cleaned out the study a bit and patched the ceiling that was falling down (!) so I could decorate my "Christmas room." The tree isn't in here this year (no room because Silas's crib is in there), but it still looks nice to me.

Phin helped me hang the stockings.

These are Phin's "constructions" (that's what he calls instructions) for our Christmas decorations.
Notice the transformer in his stocking and the window he drew behind the tree! :)

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