Thursday, July 2, 2009

Philadelphia Zoo

While visiting my brother and his wife in Philadelphia, Caleb and I took the boys to the Philadelphia Zoo. It's just a short walk and easy trolley ride from my brother's house. The boys were a hit on the trolley. Especially when Silas shrieked right in the ear of the guy sitting in front of us and nearly made him jump out of his seat. Luckily, he was good natured about it.

I LOVE these tortoises. 

Another passerby alerted us to these baby peacocks in the bushes.

And here are the males showing off their plumage.

Phin in the petting zoo.

Phin getting his face painted like Spider-Man.

We have had beautiful weather-- really pleasant for Philadelphia. Next time we come, we'll be headed to the aquarium across the river in Camden!

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  1. Phin, that's hilarious. You look so great! I wish I could have seen it in person.