Friday, July 24, 2009

Ohhh, Baby

How is it possible that my baby is not really a baby anymore? Almost 10 months old, Silas is growing up sooooo fast. I think he is desparately trying to keep up with his big brother, and doing a respectable job. How can his first birthday be coming so soon?

Here is some of what he's up to:
1. Sitting up, crawling, pulling himself up to standing on EVERYTHING, walking along furniture, standing by himself...
2. Talking, yelling, screaming. He is VERY vocal-- and not in a good way sometimes (just ask Uncle Todd and Aunt Brenna).

3. Grinning, smiling, flirting-- we get more comments on his facial expressions than you would believe. He's very personable, and loves face to face attention. He makes friends everywhere.

4. Eating-- anything and everything we will let him. Sometimes we all regret it later, but this kid will eat ANYTHING! I think he would eat 24 hours a day if we let him. (He's still spitting up sometimes, but it's tapering off, thank goodness).

5. Learning how to use his sippy cup. Since he's never really taken a bottle, we've decided to try to bypass that altogether and have him ready to use a sippy cup for milk when he's done nursing.

6. Growing teeth and hair-- yes, that really is a lot of hair for him. He has his bottom 2 middle teeth, and you can feel the bumps for the top middle 2.

7. Being sweet-- snuggling, cuddling-- he's a cuddle bug just like his big brother.

Time flies-- Phin will start preschool 2 half- days a week this fall; both boys will be taking gymnastics starting at the end of August; Silas will turn 1 October 1st; we are hoping to make a trip to visit my sister and her family in Florida this fall(Phin can't wait to see where his cousins live-- we talk about Riley, Cory, and Lainey a lot-- the other day Phin said "Lainey is the best person.") and have the boys' first visit to Disney World.


  1. What a babe! Can't wait to see the boys (and you, haha). p.s. I wanna go to Sandcastle with you guys. They look like so much fun there.

  2. We can definately go to Sandcastle! Maybe there will be a free buddy day, or we can get discounted tickets at Giant Eagle.