Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Guess Who?

One of these is Phin at almost 8 months, and one of them is Silas at almost 8 months.
(Not too hard to tell, but man, these two will never be able to disown each other.)
Put your guesses in the comments-- no prizes for those who are correct, just self-satisfaction.


  1. That's funny that you think they look alike. I think they look very different. But of course it is not hard to tell they are brothers! Little Silas is on the top and Phin is on the bottom. I do know that picture of Phin though, so maybe that's cheating!

  2. i'm going with silas #1 and phin#2. crazy the similarity! caleb must have strong genes!

  3. Oh me, me, I know. It's Silas at the top and Phin at the bottom.

  4. i know, i know!!! i'll save my KNOWING so i don't spoil for anyone else. heehee... miss you guys.