Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Smattering

I started this blog post about two weeks ago, saved it as a draft and never finished it. I am finally getting to it. This is a random selection of photos from November and December to be followed by another post about Thanksgiving, which I will hopefully get done before Christmas! :)

This is what usually happens now when mommy watches
TV in the evening.

Phineas made this LEGO
General Grievous.

At A. Karen's baby shower, playing on their iphones.

Caleb and I had the great pleasure of going to
Heinz Field for a Steelers' game on an
unseasonably warm Sunday in Nov.
And we won!

Thanksgiving program at Phin's preschool.

Clay ornaments that Caleb and Phin made
(mostly Caleb). ;)

Decorating our tree and playing with the
Polar Express "electric" train that Grandma
and Grandpa Heasley got for the boys!

Phineas dressed as Indiana Jones.
Short round and Indiana Jones. :)
This is the kind of thing I come home from work to all the time.
Does my heart good!

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