Monday, September 6, 2010

Uncle Todd and Aunt Brenna visit

Labor Day weekend, Uncle Todd and Aunt Brenna (and Indiana) came to visit. We had two awesome days of fun at Great Grandma Jane's!


Aunt Brenna doing double dinner duty (that's Silas's corn in her hand)...
and handling it like a pro!

Building marble works with Grandma Ginny.

More ping-pong.

Tickle time with Grandpa Rick.

Uncle Todd built the boys an awesome fort
on Grandma's porch!

Blowing bubbles with Aunt Brenna.

Getting pulled in the wagon that Phin got from
Uncle Denny and Aunt Karen for his first birthday!
Pretty sure it wasn't meant to hold kids, but...
Phin "golfing."


  1. Aunt Brenna's got the time to help them eat their dinner because it's not like she could probably eat anything that was served. "We're having pork roast for dinner and for those that don't eat pork there's ham, and those who don't eat ham can have hot dogs." Of course at my house the hot dogs are all beef, but I don't think that was the case at Grandma's - God love her.

  2. Silas is looking like such a little boy! No more baby here! Time for another baby Em! Hehehe :)
    And Phin is such a cute lil guy. Totally gonna break hearts later :)