Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our big boy

This is Phineas Benjamin. He will be 4 years old in 15 days! Here are a few things about him:

1. He is a lover AND a fighter. He does all things, good or bad, with zeal and abandon. He is strong-willed and stubborn, just like me.
2. He is too smart for me and for his own good. This gets him into trouble a lot, but it's pretty awesome watching how quickly he learns, how observant he is, and how curious. He has been doing well in preschool this year even though he doesn't always want to go.
3. He is an artist at heart. He loves to "do art projects." He is certainly his father's son. He loves to draw and glue and write and build things. He also loves to break and destroy things. Go figure. :)
4. He loves to help me in the kitchen when I'm baking or making meals. I struggle being patient when he wants to do this, but it is always so much fun.
5. He loves playing on and the iphone, and knows his way around both just about as well as I do.
6. He is my cuddle bug.


  1. Oh I just love your blog! The owls are adorable, and I love the little facts you posted about both boys. They are just precious... and wonderful pictures, too, I must add! :)

  2. Stop growing up so fast, boys! Man, Phin is looking so "old" and Silas is changing looks everyday. Can't wait to come see you guys.