Friday, August 21, 2009

"Let's go watch those baseball guys..."

...As Phin would say. So we headed to the ballpark on a beautiful Friday night in Pittsburgh. They close down the Roberto Clemente Bridge so you can walk down the middle of the bridge from downtown to the stadium. We had coupons for free tickets, and it was dollar hot dog night, so we got a bargain. We met our friends, the Hommes's, there. Their daughter, Mei, is one of Phin's favorite people. They had fun yelling "strike him out, strike him out," and most of the time, they even said it when it was appropriate. We had a blast, and the Pirates even won (cue fireworks)!

Beautiful view from the stadium.

The Hommes's (center of the picture) watching the end of the game.
When asked what his favorite part of the evening was, Phin said, "the playground." (There is a playground at the stadium with a "pirate ship" as the equipment. So, of course, that is what he loved.)

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