Friday, June 5, 2009

Kansas here we come.

We made the trek to Kansas to meet our new nephew/ cousin, Blake. A whole day in the car each way, but the kids did great (better than mommy, in fact).

Silas knew exactly what to do once he found himself in the driver's seat.

We stopped at a park on the way there for a picnic lunch
(somewhere near Indianapolis, I think).


  1. Those boys are such seasoned travelers. I can't wait to come see you guys in a month (no traveling by you necessary - except maybe to pick me up at the airport).

  2. We'd be happy to pick you up at the airport! It would be a real live welcome wagon if we all showed up-- of course, you wouldn't be able to ride home with us, because Laine seems like the only living person small enough to fit comfortably between the boys' car seats! :)