Monday, March 30, 2009

Well, here we go

So, I've resisted starting a blog for a long time for fear that I'll start and not be able to keep it up. But Caleb is having trouble keeping up with his photo journal because he has enough to do around here. Plus, I love reading so many other people's blogs that I thought it was time to try my own. There will be quite a gap from Caleb's last photo posting to my beginning, but trying to go back to catch up was too overwhelming. So we'll start from here. Hope you enjoy!


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  2. Yay! I have been waiting for this day. Haha. Now I can put you as one of the sites I click on on mine. Mine is

  3. oops. no "www". it's just like yours.

  4. okay, this is comment #2, we'll see if this one works.
    way to go Em. your pictures are so amazing!! i love them as i also love those who are in them. excellent job!!

  5. okay attempt #3:
    hope it sounds original! Your pictures are amazing and so are the cuties in them. your boys are so cute and handsome and such a joy to be around. keep up the good work.